Grieving And Coping With A Pet Loss + A Kiss From Paradise

Grieving and coping with a pet loss, by Miss Natureba

Hey there, nature lover! My warmest hello to you today, from tropical paradise Maceió (Alagoas, Brazil) where the blue sea kisses the sky, the sand is golden and soft like velvet, and the sun is always bright! How have you been since last time? It’s great to be on the road again, traveling and wandering this amazing tropical continent, and I’m so glad I can share this journey with you. Right now I’m enjoying the sun and the sea all the way from São Paulo to northeastern Brazil. And If you’ve seen my daily updates on facebbok and Instagram you probably know that there have been a few bumps on the road to paradise.

My dear dog Fifi died last week, and the family is just recovering from this loss. Fifi was a precious dog and real friend to us, and she will be missed. I am definitely grieving for her, and today I want to be plain and honest with you: for a lot of people the death of a pet can be as sad as losing a close friend or family member. And IT IS OK to feel sad and grieve the loss of our animal friends.

That´s why today I want to share with you what I’ve been learning about grieving and coping with a pet loss, in case you ever need help and support for saying goodbye to your dog, cat or other pet. So come and seat with me on the sand for a while, let’s enjoy life and this beautiful world – we will do it for ourselves and for our animal friends. more →

Natural Homemade ToothPaste Recipe (EASY DIY, ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS!)

Natural Homemade ToothPaste Recipe (EASY DIY, 3 INGREDIENTS!) by Miss Natureba

Brazilian Carnival is over, and it suddenly dawned on me that we are already in March. Hasn’t 2014 just started yesterday? Gosh! It’s going too fast, don’t you think?

With the clock ticking, my live Brazilian detox workshop also will kick off in 5 days. I am super excited! And even though this one is in Brazil and in Portuguese, I have been tweaking and loving the original English version of the course, which will come up soon and will be available for anyone who wishes to join me in detoxing and decluttering and leaving the past behind to achieve health and freedom now! Stay tuned ;-)

Moving forward… By now, my bad broken tooth already looks much better. But the return journey from toothache hell wasn’t easy. Today, taking up on the subject of teeth and oral health, I am inspired to share with you a natural homemade toothpaste recipe you can do yourself using only three ingredients.

I haven’t been using a regular toothpaste for a while now. Turns out, the ones you find on the supermarket shelves are so high in toxic and unnecessary chemicals that may be even compromising the health of your teeth.

But don’t worry, I got ya! Just follow me to the kitchen: today we will prepare a super easy recipe that will keep your teeth clean, healthy and natural. Barabim! more →

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Raw Vegan Diet

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Raw Vegan Diet by Miss Natureba

Hey sunshine! How is it going? Here in Brazil we have finally reached one of the most expected national holidays: Carnival! The parades are over but the party just keeps going. Wednesday is the big day, when all the samba schools will have their show judged to win the grand prize. Bring it on, Samba!

With all the sunny celebration, I have been darn busy in my tropical land – I am preparing a workshop (in Portuguese) coming up in March here in São Paulo, and another big international event (like, BIG!) which I can’t talk about yet (oh yaks! So hard to keep it in!) – and… The worse thing ever happened to me in the midst of it all: the other day, while eating super juicy and sweet Brazilian guavas (bam!) one of my tooth caps came off… Oh, It’s been painful, to say the least. I’ve just came back from the dentist this morning and it seems like it will take a while to fix this little crack :(

Anyway, let’s talk about the ‘v’ word, shall we. Today we’ll discuss something that’s really close to my heart: how a raw vegan diet can improve your health, your life, and the environment, all at once!

I want to share with you three reasons why you should try a raw vegan diet, or at the very least, eat this way some of the time. None of us is obliged to any diet. But that doesn’t mean we are doing it right, or doing the best we can with the food choices we have today.

During this time in history, we can no longer use excuses to bear our heads in the sand and pretend that our choices are not only affecting ourselves, but also the entire community around us — the whole world! All of us is responsible for the kind of world we live in. Our daily random choices can indeed transform the entire planet.

So come on over, seat on the couch with me and my dog Fifi for a little while: let’s talk about v-love :) more →